Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?
There is no long term contract associated with the Roadside Auto Club membership. The service can be billed monthly at the beginning of each month and you can cancel at any time by calling the membership services department. Please see the Membership Agreement for cancellation details.
When does my membership become active?
Your membership will become active within 48 hours from the date you registered. Your information will be activated in our database, and you may begin using the emergency roadside service by calling the toll-free number printed on your membership card or provided on the membership website.
Is there a toll-free number I can call for service?
Yes, the Roadside Auto Club service is available 24/7/365 by calling the toll-free number printed on your membership card or provided on the membership website.
Do I get an official membership card and explanation of benefits?
Yes. The membership card and welcome packet will be e-mailed to you after your enrollment information has successfully processed. Your membership card will detail your toll-free service number, group code and membership number.
Does my membership cover me in any car?
Yes. Coverage applies to you as an individual member, not to any specific vehicle. As long as you are present with the vehicle and your membership is active, you may utilize this service.
Does my membership cover my spouse or children?
Both the member and the member's spouse (or associated member) are covered under the member's plan at no additional cost as long as the spouse/associated member are living in the member's household and hold a valid driver's license. Unfortunately, dependents are NOT covered under the member's plan and cannot be added to a member/spouse plan. However, dependents can certainly be covered under their own membership, if applicable.
Is there a minimum age requirement to become a member?
No, there is no age requirement as long as the subscribing member has a valid driver's license and form of payment. Keep in mind, however, that this product is only useful to those persons who are of age to operate a motor vehicle and hold a valid driver's license.
Is a driver's test or applicable state license needed for membership?
No. The subscribing member must simply have a valid driver's license and form of payment to register for the service.
Where am I able to use the service?
If you need roadside assistance anywhere in the United States, Puerto Rico or Canada, simply call the toll-free service number listed on your membership card. This number can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. We will arrange to dispatch a service truck to you while you are on the phone.
How do I use the roadside assistance service?
Keep your membership card on you at all times, and call the toll free service number when you need roadside assistance.
How long will it take for a dispatched service vehicle to arrive?
The average response time is approximately 30 minutes or less in metropolitan areas and 60 minutes or less in rural areas. Of course, response time will vary according to weather, traffic and location. Check with your dispatcher at the time of your service call to get the most accurate time estimate.